Colour Stories

DSC_0173Colour may or may not start with an idea.  Some just happen. However it is the process of developing that colour to a colour way that can be repeated that is the story.

In November 2017, the decision to move into wholesale required that the stories be written and shared.  This isn’t easy when you are an artist who likes the surprise and gift of the moment.  Pencil and paper in hand the transition from artist to business owner began.  These are the stories that resulted.



“Bow Tie Required” – The minute this pink developed on the test sample of yarn, I knew I wanted to pair it with deep charcoal.  I had images of tuxes paired with a pink bow tie to match the soft pink formal gown standing next to it.  Classic and tasteful!  No matter what is created with this colour way, classic is sure to be a part of the description.  I LOVE this pairing and can’t wait to see what it becomes.




“Northern Lights” – I am grateful to have experienced the beauty and magic of the Aurora Borealis from my home in Alberta. or even more spectacularly from the window of the plane that brought me to Nova Scotia to live.  The site is magical as the colours transition that dance in the sky.  This colour way is touched by that same magic as the colours blend but remain pure from purples to greens, aquas, blues and gold.  This colour way could dance seductively across a shawl or play beautifully in a pair of mitts against the stark contrast of the snow.  Northern Lights speak to my Canadian heritage and all that I am grateful to have in this amazing country.




“Lost Penny” – The penny is a treasure that our children and grandchildren will never know here in Canada.  The penny never had much value in my experience, until you had many of them and then without warning, there was enough to buy treasures.  Like each stitch that we knit, alone they are little to nothing but as a collection….. ahhh, now that is amazing.  Did you know there are nearly 10,000 stitches in a hand knit sock.  Each stitch is a part of what makes a better whole.  Small and insignificant, that tiny stitch becomes everything.  I never want to loose the value in that process.  Although the penny is gone, for many of us it will be a fond memory of saving and dreaming until it was spent and then saved again.




“CheckMate” – I learned to play Chess early in life.  It was a reward for finishing class work and our grade 3 teacher felt it was a fine way to spend time at the back of the classroom.  I am not sure if it is where my competitive streak began or the polish for my aptitude for planning ahead developed.  Either way, I was taken with the pieces and how they set on the board.  As a grade 10 shop project, I chose maple and dark walnut to turn on the lathe for my interpretation of the play pieces and then set them on the traditional board we were assigned for our first wood working module.  Once again the natural beauty of the colours, the texture of the grains and the chance to play that first game against my teacher for the A+ vs A mark, is all a fond memory.  This colour way is a tribute to that experience.




“Honour to Serve” – My new family is made up of men who serve. They are not military but that does not make their contribution any less.  My husband is a paramedic, my brothers in law are a doctor and and a police officer.  My nephew is also a police officer.  I ask my husband to be safe when he walks out our door for a shift.  I tell him I love him and ask him to come home to me.  It is rare that I miss this ritual.  We have both come to expect it.  These men and the all the men and women who serve, put their lives on the line, day, night and holidays so that we can be safe.  As a wife, sister and aunt to first responders, I now understand that not only are these men serving, but so are their families. They see it as an honour to serve, a calling of a sort.  I couldn’t be prouder of them.  This colour way is a tribute to each of them and those they serve with.  Thank you!





“Ice Storm” – Ice storms are new to me. they start as rain, usually during the night and we wake to a thick layer of ice covering everything.  They have a beauty of their own especially in the morning light.  In my part of Nova Scotia, nothing is planned without an alternate snow date in the winter.  Children hope for snow days that cancel school.  They are perfect for cuddling in with a new cast on.  This colour way is made for that day.




“Red Rover” – Red is a funny colour that either makes or breaks a skein of yarn but when you pair it with something like brown, it breaks through with an intensity similar to the game of our childhood.  I wanted to bring a colour to the line that did just that.  A pop of colour on a palate of earthiness that could speak for itself.  Red Rover did the trick.




Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 11.57.47 AM“Mr. Munch Goes for a Walk” – Sometimes the names that come to mind are nonsensical. This is very much the case with Mr. Munch Goes for a Walk.  Much like the colours themselves, my mind wonders and something amazing magically happens.  The greens, blues and golden/rust speckles play out in this skein and blank much as a mindless walk would.  Follow the path with this yarn, and see the adventure it takes you.



“Mr Munch” –  Mr. Munch is pure speckle.  This skein can compliment or add to Mr. Munch Goes for a Walk. Rust, orange, a touch of blue and yellows all play on the natural cream and for me, evoke autumn senses.




“Travel Companion” – Rubber side down and shiny side up, wheels, rails or wings,, have yarn will travel.  There is always something in my bag ready to grab if I am fortunate enough to be in the passenger seat.  There are always a pair of vanilla socks in the sack.  Something to pick up and not worry when I put it down again.  Pretty colours make it.  So imagine if you will, me sitting in my purple/pink jacket knitting against the charcoal leather of the seat and console and you can then see why this was named “Travel Companion.”




“Beach Bum” – I have been ever so fortunate to stand on beaches around the world and experience the many colours of sand and water.  My most memorable beach was on the island of Zanzibar, just off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.  I had never experienced water so many shades of blue and sands so white.  Standing there, looking to the West, I imagined how small I was in a very large world.  I had no idea how life changing that beach would be.  I look back now, nearly 10 years later and it still haunts me.  The smells, the people the poverty.  But then there was this! The most amazing contrast of water, sky and ocean. Blues and whites…… hmmmm…. memories.



Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.38.03 PM

“Belly up to the Yarn Bar” – When I see beautiful colours on yarns in a shop, I just wanna step up to the yarn bar and make a “tasting date” with all of it.  I LOVE colour and this colour way is a tribute to that.  Above you will see a sample I knit using the DK weight gradient shawl blank (115g).  This is a simple 4 row repeat cowl worked in a modified linen stitch pattern.  You will find the pattern posted in the Blog Section of this site under “Belly up to the Yarn Bar Cowl.”  




“Under the Copper Moon” – Autumn does not have to be just about Brown and Orange!  There is so much moor to see If you can take a moment and not only look but breath the colours.  Rich, vibrant and demanding to be seen!  We knit up Under the Copper Moon using a double knit sock blank and a wee bit of gold that I had in my stash.  The shawl pattern is “Shadow Dancing” and can be purchased on Ravelry.




“Happy Yarn Day” – One of my favourite sayings is “Happy Yarn Day” when I send out yarn packages and this colour way is my interpretation of that statement.  Frankly, every day is happy yarn day in our studio but for our customers, it is when their special packages arrive.




“Fairy Secrets” – Fairies live in the garden.  I know this to be true.  I have seen the magic beneath the green leaves.  You may think that it is the glow of the firefly, But I know it is the fairies who gather to share their secrets.  “Fairy Dust” – is the compliment speckle to Fairy Secrets of course! You could never have one without the other.






“Sunrise at the Lake” – This colour way is begging for a cup of coffee and an Adirondack  chair! Sunrise on the Lake is a gradient for the blank and a painted colour way for the skein. Here we are showing the double knit sock blank worked up in the pattern The Junction Shawl – by Yarns Untangled (Ravelry).






“Pecking Order” – Chicken’s have been a part of the RavensWood family now for over a year.  We have gone from raising day old layer’s to selecting heritage Barred Rock hens, hatching chicks and now harvesting eggs and putting meat in the freezer.  Some of this has come with joy.  Other parts have come with some struggles.  Regardless, what we have learned is that there are some old sayings such as “flew the coop,” “like a chicken with it’s head cut off,” and “pecking order,” have some solid foundation in their origins. This is my interpretation of the Pecking Order in our coop.




Rooster’s “Tale” – The male of many species is by far the prettiest.  This is the case in our flock of chickens.  We began with one rooster and for anyone familiar with raising these creatures, I am sure you know how this “tale” will end.  In the freezer!  I wish that wasn’t the case.  Our boys are pretty and in the beginning a pleasure to have around but I have learned another phrase in the world of chickens and that is “Boys are trouble!”  they are.. I have the stories and bruises to prove it.  Still, for a little while, they are pretty to look at.



“Garden Party” – The garden for some is a place of peace.  The colours can reflect any mood.  When my David is in the garden, he talks to the plants.  I listen sometimes from an open window, not meaning to interfere, but I here him chatting with what I think is a room of guests, only to find that his guests are the creatures and flora he is tending.  I am  always envious of his relationship with nature.  One might even call it “Spell Bound” – which I chose to name the speckled compliment to the Garden Party of which my David is the host.